Tomato Powder

Product name: Tomato Powder
Origin: China
Ingredients: 100% tomato paste
H.S. CODE: 200290
Appearance & Odor: uniform red or dark red, homogeneous texture, typical tomato paste odor without sour or any off-flavor smell.
Package: Two compound aluminum foil bags in a carton with a net weight of 20kgs,
10kg X 2 foil bag/carton(50✘33✘25cm); 650cartons/20fcl
Storage: In cool and dry conditions. (Should not exceed 20℃ and 60% relative humidity max.).
Shelf Life: 24months after production date.
Trade name Tomato powder  (ISO9001,ISO14001,HACCP and Kosher Certification)
Material Tomato Paste  (Produced in Xinjiang and Gansu, China)
Production process Raw material — make up a prescription – filter — heat — centrifugal atomize –Revolving separate — pack
Production equipment The tank of making up a prescription — filter separator — high pressure pump – centrifugal atomizer — fluid bed – vibrating screen — packer
Brief introduction The spray dried tomato powder is made by high concentration fine quality tomato paste; low temperature spray drying technology captures red color, pure taste and rich lycopene of ripe tomatoes. It contains plenty of vitamin, amino acid, organic and mineral. It is a good soup and flavoring and raw material for drinks.
Storage Store in cool and dry conditions. (Should not exceed 20℃ and 60% relative humidity max.)

Two compound aluminum foil bags in a carton with a net weight of 20kgs,

10kg X 2 foil bag/carton(50✘33✘25cm);     650cartons/20fcl

Addictive Silicon dioxide is added to the tomato powder as anticaking agent.

Content of Silicon dioxide is 1.5%.

Application ·As condiment for potato slice, maize slice, etc.
·For fast-soluble soup                   · As colorant for pasta
·Other application where true tomato color and flavor are required

·Use tomato paste produced in Xinjiang and Gansu     · Contain plenty of lycopene

·Keep original taste, flavor and function of fresh tomato during production

Item Physical and chemical specifications Method for determination
Shape Deep-red or red-yellow fine, free flowing powder, slightly caking and clumping is allowed.
Moisture ≤ 4% Halogen moisture determination method
Acidity 5–9 %(Citric acid) GB12456
Lycopene ≥100 mg/100g Appendix A of GB/T14215
Ash content ≤12 % GB/T5009.4
Pb ≤ 0.2 mg/kg GB/T5009.12
As ≤0.2 mg/kg GB/T5009.11;Oxide generating ICP method
Copper ≤20 mg/kg GB/T5009.13
Total bacteria ≤ 500 / g GB4789.2
Coli-group count ≤ 3.6 MPN/g GB4789.3
Yeast & mould ≤ 50 /g GB4789.15
salmonella Negative GB4789.10;GB4789.4
Sick bacteria No GB4789.10;GB4789.4