Tomato Paste

Product name: TOMATO PASTE
Origin: China
Ingredients: 100% sound and fresh tomatoes
BRIX: 36/38, 28/30, 30/32
Processing Method: cold break, hot break.
H.S. CODE: 200290
Appearance & Odor: uniform red or dark red, homogeneous texture, typical tomato paste odor without sour or any off-flavor smell.
Package: in 220L aseptic bag in iron drums of about 240kg each, 4drums on one pallet, 80drums in one 20FCL.
Storage: in cool and dry place without direct sunshine.
Shelf Life: 24months after production date.
Products Tomato Paste
Package In aseptic bag in iron drums of about 245kg net each, 4drums/pallet, 80drums/20FCL
Ingredients 100% fresh, ripe tomatoes without any additives
Storage In cool, dry place without direct sunshine
Production date Each Aug-OCT
Shelf life 24months after production date
Physics Parameters Texture and appearance 100% Manufactured by ripe and sound tomatoes, thick and
Color consistent paste without any separation red or dark red uniform
Odor and flavor Typical tomato paste odor and no off-flavors
Chemical parameters Items 2830cold break 3638cold break 2830hot Break 3032hot break
Brix % 28-30% 36-38% 28-30% 30-32%
A/B(Hunterlab) 2.1min. 2.1min. 2.1min. 2.1min.
Bostwick (12.5brix and 20℃) 6-9cm/30sec. 6-9cm/30sec. 4-6cm/30sec. 4-6cm/30sec.
Ph 4.0-4.4 4.0-4.4 4.0-4.4 4.0-4.4
Acidity(citric acid) 7.0max 9.0max 7.0max 9.0max
Lycopene (mg/100g min). 50 55 50 55
HMC 40% max. 40% max. 40% max. 40% max.
Pathogenic Negative Negative Negative Negative
Heavy Metals Cu:10mg/100g max. Pb:1.0mg/kg max
Sn:50 mg/10g max. As: 0.5mg/kg max.